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External systems

Below are just a few of our outdoor display systems. If you don’t find what you are looking for or would like further information on any of our display systems please contact us.
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’A' boards

From authentic Wooden Chalk to cost effective metal frames, we are sure to have an ‘A’ Board for every need.

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We have a huge range of outdoor ‘A’ Boards to suit every need and every budget when it comes to pavement advertising. If you’re looking for striking wooden A Frames with authentic Chalk boards, traditional metal frames with curved headers or even cost effective aluminium ‘A’ Board with insert graphics; we have an ‘A’ Board for you. Please contact us for further details.

“Metal Domed A-Frame”

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Swing Boards

Our Versatile Flexible Swing Boards.

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For larger impact on the pavement our versatile Swing Boards are ideal for all situations. Constructed from both dense ABS and aluminium to give them a robust feel. They also feature a quick and easy system for changing over each of the graphics. Our stands come with inline wheels so are easily transported to their location and are water fill-able so won’t move when sited.

“Rolling Swing Board”

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Flexible Pavement Displays

Our Eco Friendly Flexible Pavement / Forecourt displays.

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Flex where others cant with our lightweight flexible aluminium double sided pavement displays. These displays are superb cost effective solutions to pavement advertising. With a range of 3 sizes our stands can be positioned in just about all locations giving you maximum impact even in the tightest spaces.

Flex Sizes: Small (410mm x 805mm) / Medium (460mm x 870mm) / Large (540mm 980mm)
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Ultra-lightweight Pop Out kidney displays are ideal for all indoor and outdoor occasions.

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Kidney Pop-Outs are perfect for standing out from the crowd when it comes to advertisement. These displays are great as they can be erected with minimal effort giving maximum expose. We have 3 main sizes available however others are available on request.

Small – 1300mm x 700mm
Medium – 2000mm x 900mm
Large – 2500mm x 1100mm
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The Scirocco

This lightweight banner frame is ideal for large area promotion on both soft and hard ground.

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Our scirocco outdoor banner frames offer great flexibility when it comes to quick and easy advertising. The scirocco is ideal for putting in a location where it has a large audience presence. They can be mounted on hard or soft ground with ground weights or pegs and have a PVC banner stretched to each face.

Widths available: 1500mm to 9000mm
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The Feather

Promote, advertise and mark your business or project with our fantastic range of sail flags.

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Our Feather range is designed with a large surface area to allow for maximum impact when displayed. They range in size standing from 2.3m tall up to a massive 5.2m out of the ground. Each feather system can be used as a stand-alone item either installed in soft ground with an anchoring spike; on a hard surface with our water filled bases or even on a forecourt with our vehicle base. The frames are manufactured from hardwearing aluminium and the flags can be printed double sided for added impact.

Flag Sizes: 2.3m / 3.0m / 3.2m / 4.1m

Optional Extras: Ground Spike / Water Base / Vehicle Base / Fabric Flag Storage Bag
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Custom printed bunting, ideal for all occasions, exhibitions or festivals.

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Stand out from the rest with custom printed bunting; ideal for exhibitions, shows, festivals or even special occasions. Our bunting is printed on a high quality synthetic material ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Bunting Sizes: 300mm (H) 24 pennants p/10m

Optional Extras: Double Sided Prints
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